Saturday, 15 August 2009

Share the Happiness: Covert Candy Giveaway!

*** Competition Now Closed ***

Okay, giveaway number one is go!

Just what is Covert Candy?

"Put simply - You don't have to pay for clothes!

We are constantly buying new clothes with our hard earned cash when we really shouldn't have to. Why? Because the clothes we want are lying in other people's wardrobes not being worn, and the clothes we no longer wear may be exactly what someone else is looking for.

CovertCandy does something about this situation by providing a trading platform so you can swap clothes you don't want - earning yourself credits. These credits can then be used to buy clothes from other users. Meaning you get clothes for free!"
Find out more about how it works.

What's the prize?

Just sign-up for an account, email me your details, and I will alert CovertCandy to grant you £20 of credits absolutely free; that means you can start getting gorgeous second-hand and vintage clothes before you've even loaded up any of your own!

How to enter:

This week is all about me showing my gratitude for you lot being so darn fabulous! For that reason, entry is easy as pie - just leave a comment. Anything from 'Give me those credits!' to 'I ♥ Covert Candy!' to 'P.S. Charade is the best!' Whatever you've got to say (all nice of course!) you'll be entered.

Leave your email address if you'd like me to alert you if you win, otherwise, I will be announcing the winner same time tomorrow and you can check back to see if it's you (and enter the next comp!)

Please enter just once. The winner will be chosen at random.
*** Competition Now Closed ***

Good luck!


Jenny said...

Well done on reaching 1 year with your blog, that's a really amazing achievement :) loving all these giveaways too!

Love for Charade! :D

Anonymous said...

Why has no-one entered yet?? this is awesome! pick me!!

Anonymous said...

No not her, pick me! :P

Congratulations on your first year and keep up all the hard work xoxo


Heather said...

Love your blog! Thanks for the opportunity!!

Marie said...

Someone's got to win... and I suppose it could be me! :)

Aik said...

Hi Meg, congratulations on Charade's first anniversary! I'd love to enter your giveaway. Thanks!

Aik said...

The Charade Giveaway button is on my sidebar.

Christina Crowe said...

Interesting. I may give it a try!

P.S. Charade rocks! ;)

hannah said...

oops haha, I totally entered on the wrong post before. THIS is my entry!

gwaciemcgeek said...

I <3 Charade!

Sara said...

Mememememe! I heart Charade! x

Keri said...

I love Charade!! (Covert Candy seems pretty amazing too :] )

Luna : said...

happy one year :-D charade lust hehe xxx

Ella said...

I adore charade!!!! :D

sparkly stars (: said...

enter me please. charade is the best <3 my email is:

two sugars please said...

omg i just signed up to covert candy, its such a good idea and so amazing. But not as amazing as the lovely magan at charade!!!! xx

R. said...

Oh, I'd love to enter this, but I'm in Australia (the site doesn't ship outside the UK). Good luck to whoever does win this one though!


.:*aMbAr*:. said...

What an amazing idea! Count me in.

Congratulations on your blogversary =)

rock2fastforx3 said...

happy one year (:

p.s. i've never heard of covet candy. sounds intriguing

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