Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Your Ultimate Guide to Starting University or College

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It’s that time of year again, when an army of hot young things will descend upon their university towns of choice and begin their journey into the overwhelming, wonderful, romantic, scary, challenging, best years of their lives. Whether you’re keen to fit in, get great grades, maintain your relationship, or simply make the most of your dorm room, I thought I’d round up all the articles I’ve written on the subject as an ultimate guide to starting university or college.

Health & Living

♥ If you’re worried about how at home you’ll feel at college, read my article on Creating a Sanctuary: How to Make the Most of Your Halls of Residence.

♥ Need a guide to that most fearful yet fantastic first week at university? Then see Live to Tell the Tale: How to Survive Fresher’s Week.


♥ If you’re nervous about fitting in at university, check out The Art of Making New Friends and When Unfriendliness Strikes...

♥ Afraid that going away to college will affect your long-term relationship? Read The Lure of the ‘Young, Free & Single’: University and Long-Term Relationships.

Money & Technology

♥ Money management not your strongest point? That’s going to have to change with the help of my Money, Honey series!

♥ Planning to work part-time whilst at university or college? Then you need to know How to Ace Your Job Interview.

♥ Stumped over which laptop and software will best suit your new student lifestyle? See my series on Student Computing on a Budget.


♥ Actually planning on getting good grades at University? See my tips on How to Write Better Essays.

♥ Too many distractions? Give yourself the boost you need with my article on Quit Wasting Time: How to Avoid Procrastination.


Starting university and striking out independently might mean that fashion slips a little lower down your priorities list. But it doesn’t have to, if you’re clever. See my tips on Your Autumn/ Winter Wardrobe on a Budget.

Hope this helps if you're school-bound! Good luck to everyone taking this exciting step.


sherin said...

Great post. I really wish I'd read some of these articles before I went to university. When I started, I really did have trouble with things like managing my time and writing essays.

Jenny said...

Wow, thank you for this post, I will read all the posts avidly! I am so nervous about starting uni in a few weeks, this will help greatly! So glad I found your blog, not sure how I did though..

Thanks again!


Jennifer said...

Thanks for this post, I'm leaving in a little over a week and now it's time for all those last minute preparations.
Congrats on 300 posts as well.

Angel said...

I'd love some organization tips if you can come up with a post.

Leia said...

Love all of these posts. Although I'm not a stranger to university life and am starting my Masters now, it's still great to read your informative and helpful articles! It's never too late to learn something new or remind yourself of something that works for you :) Thank you!

Voila Megan said...

Sherin - I guess we all have to learn as we go, these are just tips after all, it's living it that really teaches you!

Jenny - Thanks! Enjoy the nerves because you're going to love it, happy reading!

Jennifer - Good luck!

Angel - Hmm... I think I could arrange something on that topic! Specifically organizing yourself at college, or more general? Organizing your time or your physical space, like your study area? Let me know. There's a lot to say on organization, I may even make it a mini-series!

Leia - Wonderful, thank you so much :) I think a lot of the topics covered (like making friends, not procrastinating etc.) apply well beyond that first year of uni!

Nici said...

lol EXACTLY what i need!

kaitlinpaigeallen said...

Although I'm no longer a freshman, I still think these tips are great. Congrats on 300 posts!

Maria Confer said...

I wish I had something like this when I was going off to college.

Claire said...

Congrats on 300 posts!!! Great articles here - time-management is something that I'm so glad I learnt at uni, I find it's really helping me now (says the girl who should be at uni working, who's crashed out on the sofa at 9.30am after a night out)

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