Thursday, 3 September 2009

Boosting Self Confidence: 5 Top Tips

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Because I'm naughty and didn't manage to organise enough posts to cover my butt whilst I'm off the Charade scene, I thought I'd post some of the great articles I've been finding at Article Alley, this is the first of them and you can find it's original here. I think this is top advice, so happy reading!

You need to understand that you are the sum of your memories and experiences to date. It is certainly true that we might all be much happier and positive, if we could erase our bad memories, which are usually also causing our discomfort in the present and also our fears about the future. However, all our experiences are about learning and therefore will be developmental and of some value for us at some level. So how can you move on, taking your learning from the past and turning your future into a much more positive experience.

1. First and foremost you have to like yourself, because how can other people like you and respond to you if you are constantly sending out negative vibes to them and the universe? You need to be your own best friend and give yourself an honest, dispassionate assessment of yourself. Stand out of yourself and view from a distance, and make a list of positives (and trust me, there will be many), and negatives also as you see them. If you have a trusted friend to help you, great , enlist their help. Do not stop until you have at least 30 positives. Read them over and over to yourself, praise yourself and let them sink in. Repeated positive affirmation will get through to your subconscious and change you belief system. Forgive yourself for indiscretions and mistakes-you are human, it is all learning, make amends where you can, forgive yourself and move on.

2. Listen to your mind and body and treat them with respect. Care for your body, do not abuse it in any way. Give it good food and exercise, and take the advice yourself that you would give a best friend that you love and care for. Feed your mind positive thoughts about yourself and your situation. Relax and meditate if you can. Your perception and attitude is crucial. Happiness is often a decision to be happy, and just a different perception of the same circumstance. Your current thoughts, feelings and attitudes are shaping your future as we speak, so monitor them and do not nurture negative thoughts.

3. Detach from regularly negative people, they will bring you down with them. You soak up enough negativity from the news, and you should detach from this also at least for a period if it is bringing you down.

4. Organize and declutter your wardrobe, your living space and your mind. Unnecessary accumulation of material things and disorganization causes stress, so look to simplify your life, and appreciate the natural beauty around you. Determine to be honest and true to yourself and those around you- this will give you greater self respect and the respect of others.

5. Do something that you fear each day, perhaps just smile and talk to a new person and step out of your comfort zone a little. Every little challenge that you meet and master will boost your confidence disproportionately. If you do struggle in social situations as many of us do, consider trying Conversational Hypnosis which will quickly give you the skills to put people and yourself at ease, and build rapport quickly and easily. Each positive interaction with people will boost your confidence tremendously.

You must be persistent, keep working on things, monitor your thoughts, and always remember the words in Desiderata which I love - "you are a beautiful and unique child of the Universe, and no less than the moon and the stars you have the right to be here!"

Article written by Jonathan Roach.

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