Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Jewelry Storage Tips

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This is another article from Article Alley which is full of useful tips on jewelry organisation and storage. I loved it!

Do you have trouble trying to store jewelry without it getting all tangled, earrings separated from each other, tipping out your whole jewelry box just to find one particular piece? Well, here are some jewelry storage tips that will keep your pieces safe, in a neat and decorative fashion.

♥ Store earrings with fish-hook ear wires by hanging them around the rim of a wine glass for an instant neat and decorative look.

♥ Drape a long string of pearls across the top of your mirror and hang your earrings in the gaps.

♥ Buy a small storage box from the hardware shop, such as the ones that have little compartments for nails, etc. They have 16 drawers, so you know exactly where everything is.

♥ Store earrings on a long piece of ribbon and tack the ends onto the back of a dresser/wardrobe.

♥ Use a corkboard with pins on it, and hang the earrings and necklaces off the pins. Or, if you are feeling crafty, you can decorate the frame of your corkboard - remove the actual cork inside the frame, then paint the frame and add some little decorations like sequins, beads, lace, ribbon, etc. Staple a piece of mesh (tulle fabric or mesh from your hardware store) to the frame to hold lots of earrings.

♥ This idea also works with old picture frames as well. To hold necklaces and bracelets, simply screw in some little hooks (you can get these from hardware shops) around the frame.

♥ Find large, clear, round, stacking bead containers that screw together with the bottom of one container serving as the top of the one below it. These are fantastic for rings, beaded bracelets, etc., as you can see exactly what you want - and if you don't wear something for a while it doesn't get dusty. Nothing gets tangled either!

♥ Recycle a damaged roll of film by placing the film horizontally across your shelf and hooking your earrings on those little square holes along the film's edge.

♥ Try an ornate candelabra to dangle earrings, necklaces and bracelets from; you can sometimes pick these up cheaply at op shops (thrift shops).

♥ Take a decorative glass light fitting and hang jewelry around the edge of it, just like you would on a drinking glass. Find a cheap old light fitting at markets, garage sales, etc. and then dismantle it.

♥ Mug/cup holders from homewares shops are great for draping your jewelry on.

♥ A great idea for studs and brooches is to get a pretty piece of thick ribbon or lace and then attach the jewelry through the material. Hang it or pin it cross-ways near the rest of your jewelry.

Article written by Emma Starkey.

Do you have any handy hints for organising and storing jewelry?


sherin said...

Great post. I have so many pieces of jewellery just lying around. I love that idea of getting a toolbox for everything.

JennTRC said...

cool ideas!

Marie said...

I feel bad now that I just put everything in a clean plastic washing tablet box.

For the hardware box, I'd recommend that for your make up as well - if you get one with removable/stackable layers you can place less used make up lower down or have different types of product on each layer.

Little Red said...

Nice post! I really need to find a good way to store jewelry. I have some things in their boxes, but others are just laying out on a dresser. It creates quite a clutter!

Alice said...

Ahh this is just the kind of post I needed! Thank you!
I'm decluttering my room at the minute and my jewellery is always in a tangled mess!

Meg said...

I actually have a couple of ice cube trays in a drawer that I put my earrings, rings, and some necklaces in. It works fabulously because nothing gets mismatched or tangled up.

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