Saturday, 31 October 2009

The Saturday Salute 31.10.09

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It's been a bit quiet around here since Tuesday, I know. Since being ill last week I've got ridiculous amounts of Uni work to catch up on, plus a whole weekend of Halloween frolics! Sorry guys, I will be back on form next week. Enjoy the links, 'tis a good bunch.

Nubby's got Six Ways to Turn Desire into Success.

Too cool, The 2 Bandits.

Try not to get obsessed with Closet Couture.

Quite possibly too late, but swoon over these Halloween make-up looks from Mac nonetheless.

I'm loving the 'Make Time for Time' series over on The University Blog, read the first post here.

Have a ghoulishly-great Halloween!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Pretty Organised: Work Space

It seems like ages ago that I was asked for more articles of an organisational nature here on Charade (whoever you are, I’ve totally forgotten how and when you asked – but at least I remember that you did!) Well, I’ve finally gotten around to it, and you know me, if a subject takes my fancy enough, I’ll only go and make a series out of it!

I’m calling the series ‘Pretty Organised’ and will be touching on the four main elements of modern living: work space, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Hopefully, even if you’re a student in halls (or in a shared house like me) there’ll be tips you can take away to improve the space you do have.

For product information see article or find it here

Work space can mean different things to different people; to you it might mean the edge of an old wallpapering table in your granddad’s shed, or a boring built-in desk below a well-used corkboard in your university halls, it could even mean a whole room to yourself (golly!) Whatever the case, there are ways to make it pretty. And why? Because a pretty workspace makes for pretty amazing work – and lots of it.

On Your Wall

Ugly corkboard? Cover it with fabric! If you’re always struggling to find a pen, that roll of sticky tape, or a notepad to jot down a quick idea, then try a board with pockets like this one from PB Teen.

If you have a busy schedule that’s always changing, a whiteboard like this one from Organized Living (pictured above) could be perfect for you. You could even benefit from a chalkboard; buy a cheap but ornate old frame at a junk shop, then paint a wooden backing for it in chalkboard paint – et voila! A modern twist on period style to flaunt all your most important notes.

A calendar is invaluable to keep your time organised, as well as your space (who needs to swim through a sea of post-its just to see where you have to be Wednesday afternoon?) I love Dodo calendars for students, or this Desktop Calender from PB Teen.

On Your Desk

Magazine files are absolutely my favourite fighting weapon in the ongoing battle to get organized – but they don’t always have to be boring old wooden Ikea jobbies. Check out these brocade ones (pictured above) from The Container Store, sure to bring glamour to any work corner. Or, see this tutorial by my sister that will help you construct surely the prettiest (and most budget-friendly) magazine file ever?

Keep personal and work items separate. If you want your workspace to act like one, then steer clear of loading it up with every day magazines, bills, letters etc. You don’t stuff them in your kitchen cupboards do you? No, because you want your kitchen to work as a kitchen. The same rule applies here.

If you’re pushed for space and it’s necessary for the two to go together, there are still ways of keeping them successfully separated and avoid them meshing together. If you have a desk with drawers, or shelves above it, allocate each one to either work or personal items.

If you are stuck with stacks of magazines, cut down by cutting up and organising only the best articles and pictures into a large scrapbook. You could also colour code, for example. blue folders for work/study and pink for personal items.

On Your Shelf

Got a growing collection of books that don’t particularly look the business on your shelf? Arrange them in colour! I know this probably sounds like the nerdiest thing ever, but I did it and it’s such a small thing but really brightens the look of my work area, giving the impression of continuity rather than clutter – and that’s certainly the impression I want to give myself when I sit down to work!

Around the Edges

Be brutal. What do you need in your work area and what don’t you need? What helps you stay focused and get the most work done, and what distracts you? In every area of our living space we should be aiming to keep clutter to a minimum, but nowhere is it more important than the space in which you need to excel the most: your work space. Either just imagine, or physically take every item out of your work space – what deserves to be put back?

An assortment of stackable boxes, like the ones shown above from Crate and Barrel, are great to squeeze into the corners of your work area and file away important bits’n’bobs that may not be of great importance right now. A labelled mini filing cabinet or box is also a great space-saver as it avoids countless cardboard folders. What's even better is that you can fill it with beautiful dividers like these Paris File Folders from Paper Source, or make your own. Sty-lish.

Make your work space work for you. You could put every organisational tip imaginable into action and still not have a space that specifically suits you. The prettiest work area will be the one that feels most comfortable, inviting and creative to you.

In amongst all your magazine files, boxes, folders and letter racks – have beautiful pictures, photographs of your friends and family, special ornaments, a lovely lamp (pictured above), your favourite mug (pictured above) and other things that bring a smile to your face, and don’t make you dread sitting down at your desk. Kept organised, these elements are as important to your work space as anything you could buy at Office World.

What are your tips for a pretty organised work space?

Monday, 26 October 2009

Words to Live By #62

Image thanks to Vivianna love

"We know the world by knowing people."
Robert Kelly

Saturday, 24 October 2009

The Saturday Salute 24.10.09

Image thanks to Vivianna love

Finally feeling better after being ill all week, I've really got to crack down on uni and blogging and annualing and all the rest of it if I'm ever going to catch up with myself! Here are some yummy links to get your weekend's browsing off to a flying start:

Say 'NO!' to any impending winter blues with 50 Ways to Build Your Optimism.

I think The Fun Theory is simply genius - why didn't anyone think of that earlier?!

Now you can get your stationary From Japan With Love.

Seth Godin tackles trolls: '"Can't please everyone," isn't just an aphorism, it's the secret of being remarkable.'

We could all benefit from knowing How to Get Passionate About Boring Tasks from PluginID.

Thank you and goodnight!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

It's Official!

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I may be horrendously ill and bed-stricken, but I still have reasons to be happy. We are now:

Yay! I hope you are as excited as I am about this big step! The old address will still direct you to the site, but I'd suggest updating where possible as I'd hate to lose you.

I also have a new email address in the form of:


* Edit: This email is currently unavailable due to issues with it's set-up. Please stick to the old for now and I'll inform you when this one is good to go!
** Re-Edit: We are good to go!

Which I will be updating around the site. I'll take this opportunity to send out big virtual hugs and kisses to all the loyal Charade readers who are the reason behind all these sorts of fantastic developments. Look out for more exciting changes in the near future...

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

10 Budget-Friendly Ways to Enjoy Autumn

Enjoy Autumn Leaves @ Charade
I'm stuck at home, feeling tired, on a grey day with a chesty cough... so that would mean the cold season has well and truly set in then? But let it not get us down! Let's celebrate Autumn in all it's glory. On a budget, naturally.
  1. Make Homemade Soup. Easy, healthy, cheap, are we asking for more here, people? Because we can’t possibly be that greedy. Grab a basketful of your favourite veggies: carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, leeks, parsnips, broccoli, peas, spinach, watercress, butternut squash, and even pumpkin! Whizz your favourite combo together with a tasty stock and you’ve got lunch for a week. Add some beans and pasta or rice and that’s a perfectly balanced meal in a bowl. Remember you can freeze soup in individual portions too; just get some sturdy freezer bags. That way, when your immune system needs it most, one mammoth pot can see you through a winter of ‘I’m too tired to eat healthily – I need something quick!’
  2. Learn to Knit. It might just make you as awesome as this lady.
  3. Take up a New Form of Exercise. It’s hard to stay fit in winter when all you want to do is shelter in a snugly room. Well, why not shelter in a snugly room with other people, whilst partaking in an activity? Yes, join a class! Latin dance, street dance, ballet dance, tap dance, pole dance, yoga, Pilates, Tai chi etc, etc. Make new friends, feel good about yourself, and tackle any winter blues!
  4. Try New Colours. Colour looks different in a crisp autumn light as opposed to a hazy summer hue. On your next shopping trip, or if you can borrow from friends, take a risk with the colours you’re wearing. Rich mustards, deep greens and strong reds will make you stand out, inspire your senses, and might just really suit you!
  5. Go Apple Picking.
  6. Benefit from Home Comforts. As the long nights and chilly days get, well, longer and chillier, your home becomes even more important. It’s a refuge, and if the weather is depressing you, your home certainly shouldn’t be. Take a big bin-liner and don’t stop until it’s full with things you could get rid of. Clutter is stressful and doesn’t bode well for a tranquil, cosy space. Even if you’re in student accommodation, there are many ways you can introduce a little cosiness. Buy one or two fleece blankets and place in grabbing distance from a chair/sofa/bed to wrap around you at the appropriate moment. Buy a new, inspiring poster, framed picture, or photograph to add a new focal point to your space. A change of lighting in the form of a new lamp or fairy lights can also be nice.
  7. Benefit from Creature Comforts. It’s not just your home that can lift your mood; little things you do for yourself can also make for a pleasant autumn. Some cosy slippers and a fluffy robe will make all the difference to those ‘Oh my God, am I really getting up when it’s still dark?’ mornings. A change in your skincare routine can also be dreamy - try a rose cleanser removed with a steaming facecloth. What about a new type of spicy tea to enjoy in anticipation of the festive season - I love Chai. Also, don't forget to top up your vitamin intake with a supplement suited to the winter months and protect your body before it gets even colder.
  8. Get Out and About. I love walking in autumn. I love the way you can see your breath and crunch the leaves with your shoes and get a pace that means you feel warm even though you should be freezing (and burn enough calories to justify a pub lunch!) Add whimsical fun to your walk by taking photos of all the colours, collecting beautiful leaves or climbing a tree.
  9. Go to a Bonfire and Fireworks Display. Or have one yourself.
  10. Plan a Holiday. If the cold, grey days are getting you down, pick up a few travel magazines (or style magazines with luscious travel sections) and plan the most wonderful holiday you can envisage. Cut out all your favourite images and make a holiday-mood board for your bedroom. Even if you can’t afford it right now, dream big! Then buy one of those sealed money pots and stuff it with notes whenever possible.
How will you be enjoying the Autumn season?

Monday, 19 October 2009

Words to Live By #61

Image thanks to Ana Patricia Almeida

“Just think how happy you would be if you lost everything you have right now, and then got it back again.”
Frances Rodman

Sunday, 18 October 2009

The Sunday Salute 18.10.09

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Okay. I am a bad blogger. For some reason I wholly forgot I even had a blog yesterday, let alone thought of doing my Salute... And I don't even have an excuse. But never fear! Today I'm switched back on!

Naturally, fat girls like nice clothes too. Very funny and light-hearted reading.

Love, love, love Tilly Bloom and Lola Pop.

How to Love Yourself Better in 8 Simple Steps from Chicken Soup for the Dorky Soul.

Aw, Lily Loves Lola.

Friday, 16 October 2009

What’s Your Style CV?

Here’s an idea, what if we profiled our style? You know, got our style pasts and aspirations down on paper. The point? So that we can view our ‘credentials’ objectively; see where we’re coming from and where we’ve been on our sartorial journeys and, more importantly, pin-point where we want to be.


Product information here

Personal Statement:

Freya. Happy-go-lucky, star gazing 2nd year Drama undergrad living in North London with a passion for astrology.

Key Skills:
• Natural ability at making comfy look cute.
• Never gets rid of anything but has a knack of making old look new by way of clever accessorising.
• Personal stylist to all her friends.

Style Summary:
1999-2006 Always a skater girl at school, literally living in her baggy jeans and Converse All Stars.
2006-2008 Took two years out before deciding to study drama. Worked a mix of bad jobs but keeping up her study of the stars helped her crystallize a style vision.
2008-Present Doing what she loves. Surfing the middle ground between ‘grown-up’ style and the fun of her youth, and making the most of it!

Get’s all her best ideas from her favourite movies, particularly 1980’s teen films.

Product information here

Personal Statement:

Wendy. Catholic school drop-out turned undercover journalist. Raised in a pleasant Kent town but never quite felt she fitted in. Head across the pond to NYC and never looked back.

Key Skills:
• Knack for bashing trends together like her old Barbie and Ken dolls and seeing if they’ll mate (prim lace and lumberjack checks anyone?)
• Meticulously well-organised in the office as well as her wardrobe.
• A confident leader, pioneering trends left, right and centre. Everyone else can try and keep up.

Style Summary:
2001-2006 Dabbled in punky ripped denim and leather jackets but soon felt the need to ‘grow up’ and explore other prospects.
2006 – 2007 Tried experimenting with high fashion, but soon realised she could only be comfortable mixing it up and doing it her way.
2008-Present Developed a keen interest in monochrome but kept it fun with tongue-in-cheek accessories.

Took inspiration from the school of grunge and Goth, but that conservative upbringing never quite left her.

Product information here

Personal Statement:

Grace. Librarian and jazz-enthusiast. Mysterious but beautiful introvert who enjoys her work and keeps a close network of friends she’s had since school.

Key Skills:
• Effortlessly talented in the art of picking up drool-worthy thrift store finds.
• Active supporter of ‘granny chic’.
• Resourceful and a problem solver e.g. able to coordinate quirky items to perfection.

Style Summary:
2000-2005 Struggled to fit in at school. Had her own style aspirations but was never quite brave enough to go the whole hog for fear of peer reaction.
2005-2008 Studying English Lit, Art and Music at college helped draw out her creative side, then a gap year around India really helped her ‘find’ her true self at last.
2008-Present Landing her dream job helped her settle into a chic yet easy to wear and honest style.

Took much of her inspiration from her grandmother and the attic-full of vintage relics that was handed down to her.

What do you think? What would your Style CV say about you? Will you try it for yourself, or just make up some whimsical imaginary characters like I did?

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The Joy and Peace of Simply Existing

Image thanks to Ana Patricia Almeida

Sometimes, when life confuses, overwhelms and daunts us, we need to step back and look at the way we are living, the way we exist, in this world. The age-old adage ‘you only live once’ must be present in our mind always if we are to start savouring every last scrap of satisfaction that just being alive entails.

Wherever you are academically, on the career or property ladder, in your relationship etc. life is still full of wonders right now. This second there is something about your life that you could be enjoying.

Daily stresses and long-term pressures blind us from what life should and can be – a sensational, inspiring, tactile, colourful adventure, where we are to grow, experience, build, try and try again. We are creatures of the land; our souls desire to cultivate and create, plant seeds as well as ideas, and cherish their development. Our minds and eyes call for variety, for stimulation, whilst our bodies ask for fulfilment, sensation, and nurture – and yet so often people deny themselves these simple pleasures.

We spend our days in rooms, cars and offices – barely knowing fresh air. We feed ourselves instant, sugar-loaded snacks and rarely experience the crisp, raw experience of preparing and eating authentic, natural food. We entertain ourselves with inactivity and advertisements in the form of television. We strain ourselves to fit the mould, to fight to the top, to look good on paper, to be things we’re not. We keep things to ourselves, we keep ourselves to ourselves. We struggle to love and to share, and for all of this, we suffer.

It is amazing the weight that would lift from our shoulders if we allowed ourselves just to be.

Know the joy of simply existing. Fill your life with early morning sunshine, sand in your shoes, the air in your lungs, kisses, love-making, nights sharing stories you never told anyone, music, chances, adventures, swimming, a go on the swings, dog-eared books you’ve read twice already, thank you’s, honesty, sprints, arm-swinging, stupid grins, dancing to your mum’s favourite song with her, crying when you need to, sleep, affirmations, beautiful strangers, new friends, pen on paper, sweet smells, fresh smells, rich smells, the dusk, the dawn, the sky, the ground, knowing what it is to be you and agreeing with it, nodding, winking, holding hands, saying ‘yes’, strolling, wandering, moseying, loitering, laughing.

Don't just enjoy life, revel in it.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Words to Live By #60

Image thanks to lanuiop

“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”
Jim Rohn

Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Saturday Salute 10.10.09

Image thanks to Maco

How is it Saturday again?! This week has positively whizzed by.

Totally late but if you were still curious about what was in the Charade goody bag/box that I gave away in August, it went to the lovely Aury and she's posted pictures here (scroll down to the second post.)

College Candy has Halloween Costumes on the Cheap.

I love Elvis, and here are his Top 3 Pearls of Wisdom from The Positivity Blog.

She Draws on Folksy is super sweet.

You can find the most perfect vintage wear at Dear Golden.

Thank you to all who have already signed up to The Annual priority list - I've been a bit overwhelmed by the positive reaction, and there's still time to let me know of your interest. I'll be in touch about progression soon!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Eclectic Aesthetic 08.10.09

Today I reached a style milestone. I suffered the usual 'sit in front of my wardrobe in my pants for 20 minutes, determined that I will find a successful outfit' scenario but, eventually growing tired of picking out the same things and then throwing them back, I grabbed a pair of old jeans. 'I'm only going to uni' I thought, 'who cares?' I slipped them on - wowed that they still fit - and then eyed myself in the mirror. Well, people, it just felt kind of wrong; jeans aren't me anymore, they aren't fun. What was my antidote? White tights and a floral skirt of course!

Cardigan ♥ Dorothy Perkins
T Shirt ♥ Americas Basics
Pearls ♥ Joy
Skirt ♥ My mum's circa 1982 (or thereabouts...)
Tights ♥ Warehouse

I won't be getting rid of my jeans just yet, there will still be plenty of country walks, moving days and episodes of home decoration when they'll come in handy but, for now, my fashion-future looks pretty denimless. Hoorah!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Charade: The Annual 2008/09

Image thanks to Fayez

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you might have heard me mention a ‘top secret project.’ You may also remember that I ran a little survey a while back on the blog... Well, it’s a project I’ve been planning all summer, and it’s wonderful and exciting and nerve-racking all at once.

People, I am releasing an annual!

That’s right. I thought about doing an ebook, and that’s still on the cards for the future, but I wanted to offer something new, something different, something no one else (that I know of) is doing in the blogosphere, that you can enjoy and share for years to come. I thought a real life book would do the trick.

Over the first 365 days (jee-whizz!) of Charade, I have written many, many articles, some on the subject of money, many on fashion, a good few on self-improvement, and more. Although I’m looking ahead to the coming year, poised at my word processor, ready to bust out a whole heap more articles, tips and tricks to help you be fabulous, I thought I’d like to produce something that honoured my existing efforts into one solid body - the creamiest, best bits of Charade.

What’s in the Annual?
  • My pick of the best articles on Charade over the past year including: The Dream Style Series, The Ultimate Geek’s Guide to Fashion Budgeting, Planning and Having Your Best Year Ever, Making Your Dreams Come True: A Sure-Fire Strategy and lots more!
  • The entire first year’s ‘Words to Live By’ quotes, dotted chronologically through the book for easy reference.
  • Beautiful images from my favourite Flickr people, many never used on the site.
  • A comprehensive list of the best blogs and websites I’ve found around the web this year.
  • A two thousand word bonus feature article, never to be published on the site: How to Cultivate Individual Style which I know you’ll love.

How much is it?

The annual is going to be available for £15.00 + P&P. Now, I know some of you will feel this is outside of your budget right now, and I empathize, but this is honestly the cheapest I could do it without compromising on quality – full colour, professionally printed books do not come cheap. Think of the price as equal to a year’s subscription to your favourite magazine, only it’s a year’s worth of Charade beautifully bound for life.

I can honestly tell you that this is no big money spinner for me, so please don’t feel that I’ve gone commercial crazy. I genuinely wanted to offer you something more concrete, lasting and special than the blog alone; a gorgeous reference to all that you love about the Charade concept, plus some added extras. I also feel it’s a way of proudly creating something tangible out of my work on the site. I hope you understand.

Anything else I should know?

Every edition of the annual will be sent out to you first class, lovingly packaged, with optional signing on the inside title page. I’ve also got two special introductory offers:

  • The first 10 sold will receive a surprise free gift to say an extra thank you for your purchase and support!
  • The first 20 buyers will also have their details saved so that they can receive next year’s edition for a winning 50% off.

Design is still underway, so the current official release date of the annual is at the moment unsure. However, I can tell you there will be a limited amount of just 50 copies of this first edition, and for that reason I’d like to give the die-hard Charade devotees an opportunity to beat the crowd - so if you’d like to be sure of receiving your annual, now is the time to make it known!

Once you’ve been added to the priority list, not only will I keep in personal contact to let you know how the annual is progressing, you’ll also be able to make an advanced purchase of the annual one whole week before everybody else! (Meaning you’re far more likely to take advantage of the above introductory offers!)

Please let me know all your thoughts/queries/general ramblings about this exciting Charade venture. It’s all new to me, so any feedback from you guys will be wonderful and I'm to answer all questions. Watch this space!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Words to Live By #59

Image thanks to Ana Patricia Almeida

"The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot."
Michael Althsuler

Is it really October? It seems like such a short time since I was planning out the new year, and now we only have 3 months of it left! Take this great quote on board and review any goals you had for this year; there's still stacks of time to make some positive changes.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

The Saturday Salute 03.10.09

Image thanks to glitter feet

Hello beautiful people (yes, that means you!) Here's a bumper dose of succulent salutage for your clicking pleasure after a no-show last week.


Oh, Polly Farthing Vintage, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

Let's Eat. Drink. Chic. Or even make A Beautiful Mess. Then, top it off with Here's lookin at me kid.

Crafty people looking for inspiration, take notes from Tizzalicious.

Who's The Boss of You?

Did you know that Everyday is a Holiday?

Get The History of Hooping (Yes. Hula Hooping!) from BitchBuzz.

You really should Pay Yourself First.

And, as an extra twist, purely if you feel like helping me out, can I get an opinion or two on these shoes? They've got a kind of Dries Van Noten vibe whilst being seemingly uber comfortable and great for every day wear with over-the-knee oatmeal socks, but I am in two minds, are they too clumpy?

I have a very exciting announcement to make next week. In fact, I'm tempted to spill the beans now... But I won't! Just promise to meet me here on Tuesday and I'll lovingly whisper it in your ear.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

50 Helpful Links for Starting Any Blog

(Need some direction?)
Image thanks to Nicholas Kennedy

I couldn't possibly cover all of the wonderful intricacies of what makes a blog successful in a four post series, so I thought I'd share all the links that have helped me on my way to where I am today. Don't be overwhelmed, just bookmark this post and come back as necessary. Focusing on one element of blogging at a time yields far better results than swamping yourself with information. Enjoy:

General Blogging Help

1. 13 Things Darren Rowse has Learned About Successful Blogging on Problogger.

2. Simply Said, How to Blog from Dumb Little Man.

3. The Basics of Blogging from Girls Guide to Blogging.

4. How to Start a Blog from Gala Darling.

5. Thoughts on Blogging from Nubby Twiglet.

Making Time

6. 50+ Ways to Improve Your Productivity as a Freelancer from Freelance Switch

7. How to Plan Your Editorial Calender from IFB.

8. 8 Tips to Optimize Your Time for Blog Writing from How to Make My Blog.

9. How to Write an Article in 20 Minutes from Copyblogger.

10. Create A Morning Writing Ritual from Freelance Switch.

First Steps

11. How to Make Your Own Wordpress Website from Frugal Site Design.

12. Provide an RSS option for your readers and display your subscriber count with Feedburner.

13. Track site statistics and find out who's visiting your blog with Google Analytics.

14. How to Make Your Blogger Blog More Searchable from IFB.

15. The Blogger's Guide to SEO from SEO Book.

16. DIY Website Promotion.


17. 11 Factors to Consider When Designing Your Blog from Daily Blog Tips

18. 50 of The Most Creative Blog Designs from Stand Out Blogger.

19. Create a Three Column Blogger Template from Blogger Buster.

20. Top Tips for a Faster Loading Blog from Blogger Buster.


21. Copyblogger gives 10 Sure-Fire Headline Formulas That Work

22. 7 Ways to Keep Fresh Content Flowing on Your Blog from Problogger.

23. Writing Quality Content from ClickNewz.

24. How to Write 'How to' Posts from ME :) on IFB.

25. 73 Ways to Become a Better Writer on Copyblogger.

26. How to Grow a Blog Post on Copyblogger.

Making Your Mark in a Niche

27.How to Choose a Popular Niche for Your Blog from Copyblogger.

28. How to Get Media Coverage for Your Blog from Problogger.

29. Fashion Bloggers Claim Your Media Credentials from IFB.

30. Write and Publish a Free ebook in Thirteen Hours on Problogger.

Building Relationships & Guest Posting

31. Get readers to comment with Build a Better Blog.

32. 8 Tips for Building Community on Your Blog from Problogger.

33. Use Forums to Drive Hundreds of Thousands of Readers to Your Blog with Problogger.

34. How to Get Your Guest Post Published on a Pro Blog from Blogging Zest.

35. 10 Benefits of Writing Guest Posts from Top 10 Blog Tips.

36. 10 Reasons to Find a Blogging Buddy from Problogger.

Making Money

37. How to Make Money From Your Blog by Steve Pavlina

38. How to Sell Ads on Your Blog Even with Hardly Any Traffic from Jim Kukral.

39. 8 Questions You Should Ask Before Selling Ad Space on Your Blog from

40. Create a Profitable Blog with Income Diary.

41. The Main Characteristics of a Profitable Website from Blogtrepreneur.

42. Designing and Publicising Your Blog's Advertising Policy from IFB.

43. 11 Lessons I Learned Earning $119,725.45 from Amazon Associates Program from Darren Rowse on Problogger.

Developing a Brand

44. Branding 101: How to Promote Your Blog Like the Big Guys Do from Write to Done.

45. Get your very own 'business' cards and other merchandise from VistaPrint.

46. The Real Power of Personal Branding from Chris Brogan.

47. Building an Empire Around Your Blog from Problogger.

Free Stuff and Competitions

48. Sites to Promote Your Giveaway from IFB.

49. What Do Companies Look For in a Blog from IFB.

50. So You Want a Review Sample... from IFB.

And that concludes my blogging talk! I hope you found it helpful if you're thinking of starting or have just started a blog. Questions are most welcome...