Tuesday, 20 October 2009

10 Budget-Friendly Ways to Enjoy Autumn

Enjoy Autumn Leaves @ Charade
I'm stuck at home, feeling tired, on a grey day with a chesty cough... so that would mean the cold season has well and truly set in then? But let it not get us down! Let's celebrate Autumn in all it's glory. On a budget, naturally.
  1. Make Homemade Soup. Easy, healthy, cheap, are we asking for more here, people? Because we can’t possibly be that greedy. Grab a basketful of your favourite veggies: carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, leeks, parsnips, broccoli, peas, spinach, watercress, butternut squash, and even pumpkin! Whizz your favourite combo together with a tasty stock and you’ve got lunch for a week. Add some beans and pasta or rice and that’s a perfectly balanced meal in a bowl. Remember you can freeze soup in individual portions too; just get some sturdy freezer bags. That way, when your immune system needs it most, one mammoth pot can see you through a winter of ‘I’m too tired to eat healthily – I need something quick!’
  2. Learn to Knit. It might just make you as awesome as this lady.
  3. Take up a New Form of Exercise. It’s hard to stay fit in winter when all you want to do is shelter in a snugly room. Well, why not shelter in a snugly room with other people, whilst partaking in an activity? Yes, join a class! Latin dance, street dance, ballet dance, tap dance, pole dance, yoga, Pilates, Tai chi etc, etc. Make new friends, feel good about yourself, and tackle any winter blues!
  4. Try New Colours. Colour looks different in a crisp autumn light as opposed to a hazy summer hue. On your next shopping trip, or if you can borrow from friends, take a risk with the colours you’re wearing. Rich mustards, deep greens and strong reds will make you stand out, inspire your senses, and might just really suit you!
  5. Go Apple Picking.
  6. Benefit from Home Comforts. As the long nights and chilly days get, well, longer and chillier, your home becomes even more important. It’s a refuge, and if the weather is depressing you, your home certainly shouldn’t be. Take a big bin-liner and don’t stop until it’s full with things you could get rid of. Clutter is stressful and doesn’t bode well for a tranquil, cosy space. Even if you’re in student accommodation, there are many ways you can introduce a little cosiness. Buy one or two fleece blankets and place in grabbing distance from a chair/sofa/bed to wrap around you at the appropriate moment. Buy a new, inspiring poster, framed picture, or photograph to add a new focal point to your space. A change of lighting in the form of a new lamp or fairy lights can also be nice.
  7. Benefit from Creature Comforts. It’s not just your home that can lift your mood; little things you do for yourself can also make for a pleasant autumn. Some cosy slippers and a fluffy robe will make all the difference to those ‘Oh my God, am I really getting up when it’s still dark?’ mornings. A change in your skincare routine can also be dreamy - try a rose cleanser removed with a steaming facecloth. What about a new type of spicy tea to enjoy in anticipation of the festive season - I love Chai. Also, don't forget to top up your vitamin intake with a supplement suited to the winter months and protect your body before it gets even colder.
  8. Get Out and About. I love walking in autumn. I love the way you can see your breath and crunch the leaves with your shoes and get a pace that means you feel warm even though you should be freezing (and burn enough calories to justify a pub lunch!) Add whimsical fun to your walk by taking photos of all the colours, collecting beautiful leaves or climbing a tree.
  9. Go to a Bonfire and Fireworks Display. Or have one yourself.
  10. Plan a Holiday. If the cold, grey days are getting you down, pick up a few travel magazines (or style magazines with luscious travel sections) and plan the most wonderful holiday you can envisage. Cut out all your favourite images and make a holiday-mood board for your bedroom. Even if you can’t afford it right now, dream big! Then buy one of those sealed money pots and stuff it with notes whenever possible.
How will you be enjoying the Autumn season?


anna said...

last weekend my friends and I went to an apple orchard and then the pumpkin patch. We carved pumpkins and it was very wonderful and autumn-y. I think I definitely want to learn how to knit.

Kelly said...

Just made potato/leek soup the other day...it was delicious! I love making soup in the winter - warm, easy, and a great way to use up leftover vegetables!

Marie said...

I'm going to spend my free time this Autumn snuggled up with a good book. It's far too cold already to go outside!

Judith said...

Autumn in California is something to experience. For the first few days of this week, I could be doing the things on your list. But then it just gets to hot to touch yarn and dancing and the crisp air is gone. But soup is good all season for me :]

Ella said...

i love to knit and actually have the coolest patterns for the most gorgeous stuffed animals, even a little white kitty that stands on four paws :) I just don't often tell people because they look at me a little strangely.....

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