Thursday, 8 October 2009

Eclectic Aesthetic 08.10.09

Today I reached a style milestone. I suffered the usual 'sit in front of my wardrobe in my pants for 20 minutes, determined that I will find a successful outfit' scenario but, eventually growing tired of picking out the same things and then throwing them back, I grabbed a pair of old jeans. 'I'm only going to uni' I thought, 'who cares?' I slipped them on - wowed that they still fit - and then eyed myself in the mirror. Well, people, it just felt kind of wrong; jeans aren't me anymore, they aren't fun. What was my antidote? White tights and a floral skirt of course!

Cardigan ♥ Dorothy Perkins
T Shirt ♥ Americas Basics
Pearls ♥ Joy
Skirt ♥ My mum's circa 1982 (or thereabouts...)
Tights ♥ Warehouse

I won't be getting rid of my jeans just yet, there will still be plenty of country walks, moving days and episodes of home decoration when they'll come in handy but, for now, my fashion-future looks pretty denimless. Hoorah!


Celi said...

I love your outfit! I used to wear jeans everyday but this summer I started wearing dresses and skirt and I love it. Now when I wear jeans it feels so weird, I never thought I would feel that way.
I was wondering what color shoes did you wear? Sometimes I have difficulty picking out shoes, any tips?

Rosie Unknown said...

Mega cute outfit! I love the bright colours of the skirt with the pale neutrals of the rest of the outfit.

*Ms.Glam* said...

I hate those days in front of the closet!

But they usually end up being pretty stylish days

Love that skirt!


Voila Megan said...

Celi - I have regular episodes of dismay regarding shoes, my collection stinks! With this outfit I wore some simple white daps which weren't ideal but worked. As for some tips, I might just get researching an article... ♥

Kelly said...

You look great - I wish my mom had such treasures in her closet!

sara said...

you look so nice! i love your outfit, i wish i had more skirts and tights.

raquelle said...

Welcome to the club! I've been off jeans for a while, too, but of course, being from California, I have way too many pairs...

Suze said...

Lovely outfit! I hadn't worn jeans for about a year or so until I bought some skinnies the other day. My boyfriend was shocked to see me in them! They're just not as comfortable as skirts and leggings!

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