Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The Joy and Peace of Simply Existing

Image thanks to Ana Patricia Almeida

Sometimes, when life confuses, overwhelms and daunts us, we need to step back and look at the way we are living, the way we exist, in this world. The age-old adage ‘you only live once’ must be present in our mind always if we are to start savouring every last scrap of satisfaction that just being alive entails.

Wherever you are academically, on the career or property ladder, in your relationship etc. life is still full of wonders right now. This second there is something about your life that you could be enjoying.

Daily stresses and long-term pressures blind us from what life should and can be – a sensational, inspiring, tactile, colourful adventure, where we are to grow, experience, build, try and try again. We are creatures of the land; our souls desire to cultivate and create, plant seeds as well as ideas, and cherish their development. Our minds and eyes call for variety, for stimulation, whilst our bodies ask for fulfilment, sensation, and nurture – and yet so often people deny themselves these simple pleasures.

We spend our days in rooms, cars and offices – barely knowing fresh air. We feed ourselves instant, sugar-loaded snacks and rarely experience the crisp, raw experience of preparing and eating authentic, natural food. We entertain ourselves with inactivity and advertisements in the form of television. We strain ourselves to fit the mould, to fight to the top, to look good on paper, to be things we’re not. We keep things to ourselves, we keep ourselves to ourselves. We struggle to love and to share, and for all of this, we suffer.

It is amazing the weight that would lift from our shoulders if we allowed ourselves just to be.

Know the joy of simply existing. Fill your life with early morning sunshine, sand in your shoes, the air in your lungs, kisses, love-making, nights sharing stories you never told anyone, music, chances, adventures, swimming, a go on the swings, dog-eared books you’ve read twice already, thank you’s, honesty, sprints, arm-swinging, stupid grins, dancing to your mum’s favourite song with her, crying when you need to, sleep, affirmations, beautiful strangers, new friends, pen on paper, sweet smells, fresh smells, rich smells, the dusk, the dawn, the sky, the ground, knowing what it is to be you and agreeing with it, nodding, winking, holding hands, saying ‘yes’, strolling, wandering, moseying, loitering, laughing.

Don't just enjoy life, revel in it.


Nicola said...

Beautiful post =)

Kate said...

I love this idea. I know it is starting to get cold here so i spend my days huddled in my dark dorm room and don't experience much :( I also miss being to make good food and eat fresh fruits and veggies. These are a luxury in college (at least in the US it is). I'm going to try and make more time to enjoy what is going on around me though

Marie said...

I'm going to be sending this to a few friends for sure - they just need to relax!

Sarah B said...

Wonderful post! I was just thinking of this exact thing a few days ago, how nice life really is whenever we just stop and let ourselves enjoy how beautiful the small things are.

Amelia M said...

That's the truth, right there. Beautifully written to boot.

Emily said...

So does your college have great outdoorsy type events/activities? I'm trying to decide which university fits me best and I've been using AcceptEdge.com as a resource, but I was wondering about "college life" from a perspective similar to yours (aka enjoying fresh air).

Ella said...

Very well written, a wonderful reflection :)

Anonymous said...

@Emily -- most colleges have cool outdoor adventures... just keep using sites like acceptedge and asking around and you'll find your perfect match. no worries.

JMay said...

Great post, love the picture too!


Ana PatrĂ­cia Almeida said...

I totally agree with everything you said!
Sometimes we are so buzzy working and studding that we forget how wonderful our life is. We forget to enjoy simple things of our day...
I'm Ana PatrĂ­cia Almeida, the photographer.
Thanks for using my photographs and put the credits! I loved you blog!


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