Friday, 16 October 2009

What’s Your Style CV?

Here’s an idea, what if we profiled our style? You know, got our style pasts and aspirations down on paper. The point? So that we can view our ‘credentials’ objectively; see where we’re coming from and where we’ve been on our sartorial journeys and, more importantly, pin-point where we want to be.


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Personal Statement:

Freya. Happy-go-lucky, star gazing 2nd year Drama undergrad living in North London with a passion for astrology.

Key Skills:
• Natural ability at making comfy look cute.
• Never gets rid of anything but has a knack of making old look new by way of clever accessorising.
• Personal stylist to all her friends.

Style Summary:
1999-2006 Always a skater girl at school, literally living in her baggy jeans and Converse All Stars.
2006-2008 Took two years out before deciding to study drama. Worked a mix of bad jobs but keeping up her study of the stars helped her crystallize a style vision.
2008-Present Doing what she loves. Surfing the middle ground between ‘grown-up’ style and the fun of her youth, and making the most of it!

Get’s all her best ideas from her favourite movies, particularly 1980’s teen films.

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Personal Statement:

Wendy. Catholic school drop-out turned undercover journalist. Raised in a pleasant Kent town but never quite felt she fitted in. Head across the pond to NYC and never looked back.

Key Skills:
• Knack for bashing trends together like her old Barbie and Ken dolls and seeing if they’ll mate (prim lace and lumberjack checks anyone?)
• Meticulously well-organised in the office as well as her wardrobe.
• A confident leader, pioneering trends left, right and centre. Everyone else can try and keep up.

Style Summary:
2001-2006 Dabbled in punky ripped denim and leather jackets but soon felt the need to ‘grow up’ and explore other prospects.
2006 – 2007 Tried experimenting with high fashion, but soon realised she could only be comfortable mixing it up and doing it her way.
2008-Present Developed a keen interest in monochrome but kept it fun with tongue-in-cheek accessories.

Took inspiration from the school of grunge and Goth, but that conservative upbringing never quite left her.

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Personal Statement:

Grace. Librarian and jazz-enthusiast. Mysterious but beautiful introvert who enjoys her work and keeps a close network of friends she’s had since school.

Key Skills:
• Effortlessly talented in the art of picking up drool-worthy thrift store finds.
• Active supporter of ‘granny chic’.
• Resourceful and a problem solver e.g. able to coordinate quirky items to perfection.

Style Summary:
2000-2005 Struggled to fit in at school. Had her own style aspirations but was never quite brave enough to go the whole hog for fear of peer reaction.
2005-2008 Studying English Lit, Art and Music at college helped draw out her creative side, then a gap year around India really helped her ‘find’ her true self at last.
2008-Present Landing her dream job helped her settle into a chic yet easy to wear and honest style.

Took much of her inspiration from her grandmother and the attic-full of vintage relics that was handed down to her.

What do you think? What would your Style CV say about you? Will you try it for yourself, or just make up some whimsical imaginary characters like I did?


Kb said...

This looks fun, though I like to gloss over the 'Grunger/skater' years

Sara said...

This is so much fun! I'm identifying most with Grace, but I definitely want to have a play at doing my own :)

Amelia M said...

Haha cute idea! I'm more of a Grace these days, aesthetically, but was once-upon-a-time more like Freya. I think my style CV would start with my penchant for all things matchy-matchy in my mid teens, my chain-shop focus during my late teens, and my more thrown-together mix of high street and vintage in the present day.

Kayla Bon said...

Love this post! I think I'm more like Grace, but a bit more quirky? I must jump on Polyvore and create my own set that epitomizes myself!

Emma said...

My god i love your blog

lovelydisco said...

THis is a great post! I think I'm a wee bit Freya...

Heather said...

Loved this post! I definitely identify with Grace mostly. I, too am an active supporter of Granny-chic! :)

Rosie Unknown said...

That is such a great idea, I think I may actually try this!

// krissy ♥ said...

this is nice :)

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