Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Pretty Organised: Bathroom

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We spend a lot of time in the bathroom. According to this article women spend, on average, one year, seven months and 15 days in the bathroom during their lifetime. Your ten-or-so minutes every morning and night frame your day – you might as well make them yummy, don’t you think?

Storage in the bathroom is quite often limited, so for the girl with enough lotions, potions and products to sink a battleship, mess seems a given. But does it have to be this way? It sure doesn’t.

Around the Bath

♥ The bathtub is a big old chunk of space that is taken up in your bathroom. Keeping bottles and tubs lined around the edges is fine, but can often look cluttered. Why not invest in a rack across the bath like this one? Not only will you now have somewhere to place that glass of wine and riveting novel, you can also keep your ‘most used’ items to hand and looking smart.

♥ A pocketed shower curtain could just be the answer to your prayers if you’re forever standing in a sea of bottles when you shower. Alternatively, these 'Twist'n'Lock' shower corner shelves could be useful and require no screws or glue to mount them.

♥ A problem I often encounter is that I move on to one shampoo or bubble bath before I’ve quite finished with its predecessor. The result is a great deal of almost empty products that hang around with the vain hope of one day being finished off. Why not combine dregs of various shampoos and such to make a new concoction of bubble bath or shower gel?

Around the Sink

♥ I love a mirrored cupboard, but they don’t oft come cheap! Try mounting a cheap, lightweight framed mirror onto your existing cupboard or a bargain second hand one.

♥ A glass is rarely practical as a toothbrush and toothpaste holder around a porcelain sink (unless you want a one way ticket to smashville.) Try this grassy organizer instead, or this stag toothbrush holder.

♥ The area underneath your sink, unless it is boxed in, can often be a big space waster. Save hiring a carpenter to fashion you a vanity cupboard around it and get crafty by making and hanging your own sink ‘skirt’. Easy tutorial here.

Around the Edges

♥ Keep a linen basket in the bathroom if you’re one to leave clothes on the floor. I like this one because it can fit neatly into those awkward bathroom corners.

♥ Place this gorgeous towel rack above your heater for warm towels when you’re clean out of the shower and hand washed items that need to dry.

♥ Free standing shelf units are great if you’re in rented accommodation where you’re unable to add fixtures. This over-the-toilet spacesaver utilises space you never knew you had! Store all manner of knick-knacks in sweet and sightly order.

Are you lucky enough to have a bathroom all to yourself? Whether you do or not, how do you keep your space spic and span?


Mausumi said...

This is such good advice! I'll be cleaning and tidying my bathroom as soon as my exams are done (which is in 9 days, heeelp!).

Ella said...

I've lived both with people and on my own and I have a few things that I like to have in bathroom to keep order. Firstly, a dustbin right next to the toilet as well as an open topped small storage container with ladies products and spare toilet paper in it. then i slide a set of plastic draws under or next to my since in which I store extra towels, toiletries, toilet sprays ect. It keeps it nice and contained and neat looking. Also the draws are clear plastic so I like to put the colourful products in front :)

Marie said...

This was wonderful - I'm sick of being surrounded by my flatmates thousand and two bottles of almost finished conditioner. My only gripe though is the over the bath caddies - they are very hard to keep clean and a lot of build up can occur by the "joints" if they're not cleaned and dried very often - at least once a week.

Vanessa said...

Whoa whoa whoa! They make shower curtains with pockets? That's awesome.

Rosie Unknown said...

Bath room, no. Sink, yes. I don't use many different products in the shower, so I have one shelf, and I keep all my stuff in the order I use it. It saves time, and stops me from sleepily putting body wash in my hair.

Bethany said...

I absolutely love that tub. :)

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