Friday, 6 November 2009

Pretty Organised: Bedroom

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Your bedroom should be a space of calm, though, that’s not always easy when you live in a shared house or halls – your room becomes your study space, your entertaining space, even your dining space in some instances. What’s important to remember is functionality; if your room doesn’t work for you; if every morning it’s a battle to get dressed, find what you need etc., organisation becomes imperative.

In Your Wardrobe

Bedroom organisation is, on the most part, made up of wardrobe organisation, and I already wrote a lot about that as part of The Dream Style Series. Without recounting what I wrote there, your wardrobe is likely to be where many difficulties lie... Space is often hard to come by in this area, yet it’s likely to be where you have the most stuff to store.

What's most important in your wardrobe is to be sure you're making use of all the space that is available. Here are a few budget buys that might help:

♥ A shoe rack at the base of any wardrobe can be invaluable in avoiding shoes strewn all over the floor and tucked into every corner. Try these savvy shoe drawers from Practical Princess or these shoe pockets.

♥ Extra hanging space can also be gained using the potential of your wardrobe doors with this Over Door Add On Valet.

♥ These Clear Drawers are another useful and, more importantly, usable way to organise the spare space in your closet.

Under Your Bed

Never underestimate how much can be stored under your bed (if you have a bed on raised legs, that is!)

♥ I like the Dilling Bed Storage Box from Ikea because of its lid (it folds in the middle, meaning you don’t have to pull the whole thing out to get at what’s inside.)

♥ For things like blankets or big ski jackets that you’re not using, consider a VacuSac.

♥ Furthermore, I know this seems obvious, but I only just worked out that I’ve been doing it in my place for over a year... If you’re storing suitcases, don’t just store them, fill them with stuff! Spare linen packs into them a treat, and although it might be a pain once or twice a year to unload them for a trip, it’ll probably be worth having everything out of the way the rest of the year.

On Your Dressing Table

Check out what I posted on jewellery organisation and the useful tips from readers that were left in the comments. With so much to organise on your dressing table: make-up, make-up brushes, perfumes, hair taming objects and hair accessories etc., it’s easy to get in a pickle pretty quick.

♥ These heart boxes from Zara Home are a gorgeous way to store some of those odds and ends.

♥ Add a sweet embellishment like a doily or lace handkerchief to place things on (also handily avoiding any marks on your table.)

♥ Various sized glass jars can be a useful and stylish storage device for cotton wool balls, bobby pins, hair bands and make-up brushes alike. I like these sweet bird ones from Elizabeth’s Embellishments.

Around the Edges

If there’s a corner of your room going unused – utilise it! As nice as it is to have bare walls and floor space, I find that, even as a fairly neat person, spare space accumulates mess; it invites mess; it’s just asking for adulteration. Organise this space before the inevitable occurs.

♥ Stack-able cubes are a great investment as they can be adapted to fit various living spaces you may inhabit through your university and post-university experience. These Tribeca Boxes are an ideal option.

How do you keep your bedroom ship shape? Tell all!


Bethany said...

My room needs serious work right now, maybe I will take this opportunity to clean it and get it nice and neat!

Marie said...

I can't wait to move into my own flat so I can do little things like this to my work space - I can't add any new furniture or fitting to where I am, sadly.

Megan said...

Bethany - Do it! It's amazing how much easier day to day life becomes (and more enjoyable) when you're living in a clear organised space.

Marie - I feel your pain! I'm so keen to get my own place with my boyfriend and leave the days of shared living behind...

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