Saturday, 7 November 2009

The Saturday Salute 07.11.09

Ah, hello Saturday, and all the pleasures you bring... I'm in a good mood, can you tell? Who knows why, it's just swept me up like a shimmering wave and I'm happily riding atop it. In fact, I'd wager I'm even happier than this kid:

Image thanks to zitona

Okay, perhaps not.

Here's the thing: I know a lot of you really dig the Salute ('cos you dun'told me so!) so how about helping make it better? It's all well and good me posting my happy links (and I shall continue to do so) but I want to hear from you, mysterious maidens of the web.

What are
you finding out there that we should all know about??

I'd hazard a guess that about 99.9% of you have your own blog - what are you posting this week? And I'd warrant that 100% of you religiously follow a whole wealth of other blogs - what have they posted this week?

There are two ways to get involved:

1. Comment. Tell us all what you're enthusiastically saluting.

2. Email me your links. I love you all. I'm actually in love with you. And what happens when one gets an email from their love interest? They pretty nearly wet themselves with excitement, that's what. So do it, I'm on my knees to you. Why? Boost your traffic / poach my readers / make BFF with me / be a member of my imaginary International Charade Brigade. It's all good news, really.


There, I wrote it in capitals, with hearts, so you have no excuses.

But enough of that mad rant! Here's a slice of my Internet life this week:

♥ If Rik Lee sketched a picture of me, I might never recover. My life would definitely peak at that point.

♥ Talk about Kitsch.

♥ Talk about Kitsch... again.

♥ All of these crafty 12 projects at It's a Creative World are Love that pumpkin mini-book!

♥ Further Ado is "a blog about living well and pursuing passions, with segues into culture, fashion, lifestyle, literature and travel." Plus, she loves Drew Barrymore. Come and write for Charade, please?

Now, leave me a virtual kiss in the form of a comment, and then continue to lovingly live up your weekend.


// krissy ♥ said...

Blowing pink, glittering kisses your way! ♥♥

Madeleine said...

I'm not quite sure how I found you. But I've been hooked for a while now!

These are my top two favorite blogs- Always interesting and entertaining!

Mausumi said...

All the inspiration I'm gathering is used on creating my daily inspiration post over at my blog. But you should really check out my blogroll, I love the ones I have there and check them every day!

And can I make a request? How about a post on how to deal with exam stress and still maintaining a decent life both socially rl and online?

Alina said...

oh my god!the piture, how cute=)

greets alina

Megan said...

Krissy - Right back at you! I checked out your blog, it's lovely.

Madeline - Both awesome, thanks for sharing. Are you an illustrator?

Marie said...

I don't want to kiss you, what if you have cooties?!

Megan said...

Mausumi - Checked your blogroll, nice choices! Love your blog layout too, and your request has been logged!

Alina - Lovely blog!

Marie - Cooties?! Me?! :p

sandraaa_xo said...

Hmm, i'm not saluting anything at the moment, but yes i do love your saturday salutes!
my link is
because i'm too lazy to e-mail :)

Anna said...

Hi Megan, I really love your blog.
Mine's not very fashion/lifestyle focused, but it's so all over the place that you might find something there:
Besides the blog, you can check out my shared items:

Britta Kirk said...

Hi, loved this post! Your blog is excellent.

one blog salute:, because her posts are so creative, and her doodles are wonderful!

and now my own blog:
I've been recently getting serious about writing my novel, so I've been blogging about that, and other bookish things, lol!


Harriet said...

Hello! I really enjoy a lot of the links you post. This week I've been posting about Markus Lupfer's clothing: and the Danish concept of Hygge (links included on the post!)

I often find with the huge wealth of blogs and read and interesting things posted on the interent, narrowing down my links posts to just the really good stuff I want to pass on is so tough!

Maria Allen said...


here are other blogs i love:


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