Saturday, 14 November 2009

The Saturday Salute 14.11.09

Image thanks to yasuhiro

Hello all. How was your Friday 13th? I spent it driving to my Welsh home along the dark, windy, rain swept roads of Britain. But arrived to Pizza, which made it okay. This Tuesday I am going to Las Vegas to celebrate my 21st birthday. Cue excitement: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! But that's enough about me.

Let's all be Positively Present. Inspirational stuff!

is also a wonderful blog that I'm surprised (and disappointed) I didn't find earlier.

A pretty blog with lots of fashion talk? You know you want to... Dream Sequins.

Zen Habits has The Short but Powerful Guide to Finding Your Passion. Your university years are tricky when everyone expects you to know what you want to do... This might just help.

Delve into the Wish Jar.

What's bleeping on your blog radar this week?


Mausumi said...

I've been really into discovering new blogs this week!
I just started out with the blogrolls of my favorites, and here's what I found;

Just thought I'd share! I'll be checking out your links over a cup of tea later, before (or maybe after) I dig into my homework!

btw; want to exchange links?

Megan said...

Mausumi - Absolutely! Your blog is wonderful. Thanks for all those lovely links. I shall get you up in my 'Style' section today :) ♥

sandraaa_xo said...

aaaah, i hope you have a fanstastic time in las vegas! i want to go there for my 21st too.
Thanks for showing me dream seqins & wish jar!


*yasuhiro said...

Thanks for having you use my photograph:)
It is a very good atmosphere! It's a pretty Blog.

Dream Sequins said...

You are so sweet to mention my wee blog! Thank you! Yours is pretty amazing :)

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