Thursday, 10 December 2009

10 Budget-Friendly Ways to Enjoy Winter

Image thanks to cpt.spock

Winter has well and truly set in, it seems. Along with the usual festivities, how can we up the ante and really revel in the season? I've got a few ideas...

1. Make the most of your bed. Change the sheets, fluff the pillows, grab an extra blanket, find a snuggly companion (even if it is your old teddy!) and enjoy an epic bed-day. Watch a Disney movie, cut the best bits out of fashion magazines, plan world domination, scatter biscuit crumbs, get your hair as messed up as possible, or whatever else sounds like bed heaven to you... ♥
2. Visit an outdoor market. Et voila.
3. Hand make at least one Christmas gift. Or, consider something a little bit alternative, like booking your friend a timeslot at a tattoo parlour, Go-Karting, or filling a photo album for them.
4. Give yourself as a gift. Wrap a couple of almighty ribbons around your naughty bits and give your beau a sexy surprise. (Note: Can be combined with epic bed-day.)
5. Conduct your own Annual Review. Perhaps not everyone's idea of a good time, but I simply love this guy.
6. Do something for someone else. The spirit of giving doesn’t have to mean shop bought goodies wrapped in red & green crepe paper – it can mean giving your time, energy and enthusiasm to cause that really needs it. Offer to sweep the dead leaves in an elderly neighbour’s front garden, or do a few hours in your local charity shop. If you’re too busy, buy an extra gift when doing your Christmas shopping and drop it in to the children’s department of your local hospital.

Image thanks to Ana Patricia Almeida

7. Cook! We can all cook, I don’t want to hear any excuses, and cold winters are the best time to be getting steamy in the kitchen. Whether you want to whip up an early Christmas dinner for all your friends, or just bake cupcakes with one special person, get your apron on and mix up some magic!
8. Try a new scent. Smell is so evocative for the memory, so why not dabble in a new scent that you’ll reserve only for the festive season? The result? It won’t just be the chocolate selection boxes and Coke ‘Holidays are Coming’ billboards that make you think of Christmas.
9. Get pen happy. Instead of just scribbling off some quick Christmas cards, write a few letters to your Grandparents, absent friends, cousins, aunts and uncles. Let them know what you’ve been up to over the year and what your plans are for the new one, and try to arrange a time you can visit them or vice-versa. They are sure to appreciate the thought more than any generic offering.
10. Find some snow. Real, fake, I don’t care - just do it!

What are your budget ideas for a splendipidous winter season?


haleywynn said...

Love this post, Megan!

Dorottya said...

I love this post I'm definitely gonna do all of them :) First will be staying in bed and not study for one day.

Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas, Megan!

ann said...

Love #1 - will be doing that almost all of my winter break :)

dressgirl said...

Loving this post! And cant wait for the annual!!!


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