Monday, 31 May 2010

Words to Live By #93

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"Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go."
T. S. Eliot

Saturday, 29 May 2010

The Saturday Salute 29.05.10

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Hi bunnies! Last night I went to see Sex and the City 2, has anyone else seen it and what was the verdict? I thought it was as fabulous as expected. As you read this I'm frolicking off down the M5, I hope you're taking it just as easy - if not, grab a cup of tea, sit comfortably, and cosy up with the links.

I love Seth Godin's Modern Business Plan and Simple 5 Step Plan for Just About Everyone and Everything.

Find out your Anti-Life Purpose from Illuminated Mind.

You've got no excuse with The 10 Second Breakfast.

An A-Z of incredible uses for everyday things from The Guardian.

If you really want to impress someone this weekend, or simply impress yourself, make your own stuffed crust pizza. Mmmmm...

Friday, 28 May 2010

Goodbye for the Bank Holiday!

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So, we all know I've been a bit of a naughty blogger lately. As I've mentioned a few times, I've really been pouring my heart and soul into my university work, and I'm pleased to tell you that it looks as though it's paid off with First Class marks flying at me from all angles!

The really good news is that I have one more item, a presentation, to complete on Tuesday, and that's it for my second year - wowzerz. What that means is that I'll be back on blogging-form with some juicy articles that you can really get your teeth into very soon, including a double-whammy of my L2L podcasts seeing as I skipped a month.

This weekend I'm sojourning to (hopefully) sunny Cornwall to enjoy the bank holiday - do you have any special plans? I shall be scheduling the usual line-up of Saturday Salute and Words to Live By to make sure you don't miss me too much, and return creatively refreshed and on top form with some photos to share.

As you all should know, I value your support of Charade so much and want to say thanks for checking in on me even though there's not been much going on. My life is going to be a whirlwind of change and excitement in the coming months and I'm really looking forward to having you on the journey with me.

You're all sparkly diamonds!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Maracas and Mojitos: An Evening with Havana Cultura

Picture the scene: it's a Friday night, you've not made any plans and you're experiencing that 'I desperately need to go out somewhere before nights in, in my pajama's by 9pm, watching BBC iPlayer, becomes my fate for life' sensation. Then you realise, you're in luck! You've been invited (+2) to attend a butt-shaking, shin-shimmying, beat-bopping night out with free entry and complimentary Havana rum cocktails. Life suddenly feels good.

The event is part of an ongoing project celebrating modern music and culture straight out of Cuba, Havana Cultura, and it's being headed by BBC Radio One's very own Gilles Peterson. Here's a little introduction:

The act we saw was Cuban hip hop favourite, Kumar, with a whole host of musician-wizards on stage to back him up: decks, drums, keyboard, and even a talented trumpet player who was making eyes at my friend Ellen all evening!

I wouldn't ever have called myself a hip hop fan, but this wasn't simply 'phat beats' and 'sick rhymes', Kumar's music was infused with latino and even jazz and was thoroughly good. My friends, I danced until I dropped.

If you're interested in finding out more about the various musicians involved in the project, or any of the artists, dancers and even fashion designers on board, there's a whole heap of video material to be found on the Havana Cultura website. And, if you get a chance to attend one of the great events, certainly don't pass it up for a night on the sofa!

Monday, 24 May 2010

Words to Live By #92

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“Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them and try to follow them.”
Louisa May Alcott

Saturday, 22 May 2010

The Saturday Salute 22.05.10

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It's been such lovely weather this weekend and yet I've been stuck in revising for an exam - typical! What have you all been up to?

I'm being a particularly good student just now, which means avoiding too much time surfing the interweb, hence not as many links as I'd like, but they're goodies! Enjoy:

The University Blog asks Who are you trying to impress?

Positively Present wants you to make a positive mindset your favourite accessory

My friend Cai has a new blog and has been making natural face scrub

The Glamourous Grad Student is performing a little style self help.

Goodnight cherubs.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Fear of the Inexplicable

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But fear of the inexplicable has not alone impoverished
the existence of the individual; the relationship between
one human being and another has also been cramped by it,
as though it had been lifted out of the riverbed of
endless possibilities and set down in a fallow spot on the
bank, to which nothing happens. For it is not inertia alone
that is responsible for human relationships repeating
themselves from case to case, indescribably monotonous and
unrenewed: it is shyness before any sort of new,unforeseeable
experience with which one does not think oneself able to cope.

But only someone who is ready for everything, who excludes
nothing, not even the most enigmatical, will live the relation
to another as something alive and will himself draw exhaustively
from his own existence. For if we think of this existence of
the individual as a larger or smaller room, it appears evident
that most people learn to know only a corner of their room, a
place by the window, a strip of floor on which they walk up and
down. Thus they have a certain security. And yet that dangerous
insecurity is so much more human which drives the prisoners in
Poe's stories to feel out the shapes of their horrible dungeons
and not be strangers to the unspeakable terror of their abode.

We, however, are not prisoners. No traps or snares are set about
us, and there is nothing which should intimidate or worry us.
We are set down in life as in the element to which we best
correspond, and over and above this we have through thousands of
years of accommodation become so like this life, that when we
hold still we are, through a happy mimicry, scarcely to be
distinguished from all that surrounds us. We have no reason to
mistrust our world, for it is not against us. Has it terrors,
they are our terrors; has it abysses, those abuses belong to us;
are dangers at hand, we must try to love them. And if only we
arrange our life according to that principle which counsels us
that we must always hold to the difficult, then that which now
still seems to us the most alien will become what we most trust
and find most faithful. How should we be able to forget those
ancient myths about dragons that at the last moment turn into
princesses; perhaps all the dragons of our lives are princesses
who are only waiting to see us once beautiful and brave. Perhaps
everything terrible is in its deepest being something helpless
that wants help from us. - Rainer Maria Rilke 

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

How to Host a Clothes Swapping Party

1. Get some cute people together.

2. Organise some baked goods.

3. ...cocktails optional but strongly encouraged (the above is equal measures of Baileys, Amaretto and Kahlua with grated chocolate!)

4. Arrange all the clothes people have brought with them around your room of choice (the more space the better), perhaps using a big box for accessories.

5. Make sure you have a mirror placed strategically for people to check themselves and their new threads out.

6. Let everyone mingle and try things on (warning: sugar and/or alcohol may produce a rather raucous crowd).

7. Once everyone has a bundle of things and the mood has settled, go around in a circle so that everyone can show what they picked up. At this point people are allowed to challenge one another for their goodies. Both challenger and challengee should try on the item again and the rest of the party vote for who works it/deserves it the most.

8. Re-fule with cake. (Icing with a piping bag is harder than it looks people.)

9. Everyone put on their favourite finds and have a photoshoot.

10. Go out and party.

...Well, that's how we did it anyhow! I seriously could not recommend this more, we all had such a blast and came away with some fabulous new things. It won't be long until the next one, I can tell you that for sure!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Words to Live By #91

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"Motivation is when your dreams put on work clothes."
Benjamin Franklin

Saturday, 15 May 2010

The Saturday Salute 15.05.10

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iiit's... Saturday!

Tonight I am hosting a clothes swapping party, for which I am concocting these yummy chocolate raspberry cupcakes, and naughty P.S. I love you cocktails... I will take pictures!

You can now buy anything you want from Japan - hallelujah!

Possibly one of the sweetest, most creative ways to say 'I love you': the valentine lightbulb from Design Sponge.

Are you a crafter? Thought Etsy was the only place to sell? Well you were wrong my friend! 84 Places to Sell Your Crafts Online.


My boyfriend has about 10 different vegetables and herbs beginning their lives on our kitchen table as we speak, here are 66 Things You can Grow at Home: In Containers, Without a Garden.

Have a fab-dabulous weekend!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Review: Philips Lumea

As many of you know from my first mention, I was invited to try out one of the latest products from big-brand Philips: the Lumea. I've now finished the initial course and am going to give you the full scoop on what the product is, how it works, and whether you should consider getting one.

The Product

Philips Lumea is a product for home use, the same size as your average hand held hairdryer, which painlessly and efficiently prevents hair re-growth.

How it Works

The Lumea uses technology called IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light. With each 'flash', both hair and root are heated and stimulated into a 'resting phase'. With continued use the idea is that the hair will never have a chance to grow back, making itchy stubble a thing of the past. 

To be clear, the results are not permanent, you must keep re-using the product every two to four weeks to ensure no re-growth, but for many that's got to sound better than shaving every two or three days.

The Verdict

I used the Lumea on my legs and found it very straightforward to use. You press the window against the treatment area and are shown a green light when the Lumea has enough contact to flash, then you click and get something similar to the flash of a camera. I felt no pain using the product, just a slight warm sensation.

Unfortunately, I missed one treatment and therefore did not see the results I perhaps would have had I completed the suggested four initial treatments. What also makes my review a little difficult is that I have very fair hair on my legs which I rarely shave or wax and, when I do, don't pay a great deal of attention as to how quickly the hair returns. Therefore, judging the results myself proved difficult. I can say that I heard from women attending the sessions who had much darker hair that they were seeing noticeable results after just two treatments.

The Lumea seems to be generating a lot of great feedback, and in their product survey's "82%* of women preferred Lumea's IPL hair removal system to their conventional methods, including waxing, shaving and epilation."

The Lumea isn't suitable for all skin and hair types so please visit the site to find out more before you buy.

Should You Buy?

The Philips Lumea isn't exactly cheap at £399.00, however it is competitive within it's market as I was assured it provides a much higher number of 'flashes' than other, similar products. And, of course, if you regularly wax or find shaving a real burden then the Lumea could be the answer to your prayers.

Read more reviews and news on competitions etc. at the Lumea Facebook page.

Any thoughts? Questions? Feedback from anyone who has bought or used the Lumea?

Click Here

Monday, 10 May 2010

Words to Live By #90

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"The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams."
Eleanor Roosevelt

Saturday, 8 May 2010

The Saturday Salute 08.05.10

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Happy Saturday!

Remember, we are just a pale blue dot. (Read the quote, it is awesome.)

He he.

Mmmm... cakespy.

I love this: How to Make a Baby.

Get Albert Einstein's advice for mastering your healthy lifestyle.

Career Exploration from

And now, lunch!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Check Out My New Pink Jumper

Okay, so I said I'd post this yesterday, but I'm so busy just now you would not believe it. It makes me sad because I want to spent more hours behind the wheel here...That said, my grades are up which offers some condolence.

If you can actually be in love with a piece of clothing, then I am with this jumper bought from Glastonbury. It is pink. It is sparkly. It is vintage, and it was a bargain - it don't come much better than that kids! I want to wear it everyday; just looking at it warms my heart. It looks better on, but the weather was too meh today for outfit shots on the terrace.

Here's something crazy. If you can believe it, our little blog - you know, this little hideaway of webspace where we hang out? Well, it was featured right the way across the world in CLEO Magazine Malaysia:

We're top in the 'Hot Sites' section - click to see it a bit better. Thanks CLEO! And hello, hello to any new readers who found Charade via the mag, the more the merrier I say!

In other news, I voted today for the first time. Did anyone else in the UK make their maiden voyage into the polling booth?

I hope you enjoyed this brief update. Ciao.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Eclectic Aesthetic 04.05.10: Glastonbury

Oh yes, I spent my bank holiday Monday in the small town with the big reputation: Glastonbury. What did you do? The last shot is a little purchase I made which I will reveal tomorrow...

Coat ♥ H&M
Bag ♥ Suzy Smith
Shoes ♥ Urban Outfitters
Heart Tights ♥ American Apparel
Cardigan (which is a very pretty floral pattern, although you can't really see it) ♥ New Look
Shorts ♥ Charity shop bargain but originally Apricot

We had a lovely lunch, (mostly) lovely weather, and a good mooch around all the lovely shops. I hope your day was just as... lovely!