Saturday, 17 September 2011

The Saturday Salute 17.09.11

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Well I've hot-footed it back to the Welsh countryside to at last have internet access (there has been a delay with mine - argh!) Is it wrong how reliant I am on technology? Probably. But I like it that way. I'll be here for a few days Ambitious Happiness-ing and getting my business brain in gear. Oh, and drinking tea. Obv.

// ...and, on the flip-side: this isn't my little f**king pony. Hilar. And maybe with a hint of truth, in a more-than-slightly brutish way!

// Sandra is still one of only a handful of my daily ganders, her life is perfection in motion! Aspire, aspire.

// Copywriter, aspiring or established? You'll like Copylicious. Mmhmm. Yes you will. 

// You know you want to Go British.


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