Saturday, 5 November 2011

The Saturday Salute 05.11.11

Image thanks to ianôhara

Wahoo it's the night of cold cheeks, bonfires and a sky full o'fireworks! What are your plans? I shall be looking to the heavens with too good friends, atop a hill, hopefully with a mug of warm cider if I can find any... But let's get linked up first:

// Saki Miu stock lots of pretty.

// And let's now get a bit musical because, well, why not?!

C.W. Stoneking should be somebody you love:

And this should flood your day with a little soulful sassiness:

I love and believe in you more each day, as you should love and believe in yourself. Hasta pronto chicas.

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Morag Lee said...

I can definitely relate to the "Are You Too Awesome For Love" article. I'm not really dating right now anyway (plus I don't fancy anyone) but I think trying to hold it all together in a relationship and then only breaking when I had absolutely had enough of some things external to the relationship is something I'm guilty of.
I'm already somewhat aware of it and I'm trying to start by being more open and honest about my emotions with friends first, so hopefully when I meet someone new I'll be able to tell them all. :D

Morag x

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