Thursday, 8 August 2013

Featured: Fashion Tips for Hitting the Beach This Summer

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Whether you're jetting off somewhere exotic or just hoping that the British weather picks up for the summer months, you'll want to look your best. Beach fashion isn't just about bikinis and swimming costumes though, there are plenty more beach accessories to improve your look.

So, if you want to sizzle this summer, check out these top tips for looking good on the beach.

It's not very often that you think about jewellery when chilling on the beach but they can add much-needed glamour to your look.

Keep in mind that you are on the beach so it's probably best to choose cheaper costume jewellery than anything valuable. Try sticking to shell and wood pieces, as metal may rust in water or heat up in the sun and end up being too hot to wear.

The thought of sinking your toes in the sand might sound like heaven when you're sitting at work in the office, but once you hit the beach, you'll soon realise that a pair of flip flops is an absolute must. Sand can get really hot in nice weather but not all beaches are covered in the golden grains. With stones, shells, pebbles and other sharp objects potentially in the vicinity, it would be wise to pack flip flops to keep the soles of your feet protected.

When you're lounging around on the beach catching some rays, you'll probably want to just wear your bikini. If you're going for a wander or popping into a beach café, you might want to protect your modesty. Cover up without having to get completely dressed by always having a stylish, fashionable sarong handy.

Shades or sunnies are an essential beach accessory, so you might as well look your best when wearing them. You'll need to think about the shape and style of the glasses in relation to your face, as it's important to get a suitable pair.

For those who wear glasses normally, your choice of sunglasses will be more limited than for others. This is because your sunglasses will need to match your optical prescription to give you the benefits of clear vision and protection from the sun. If you don't want your beach look to be hampered by specs this summer, why not consider Intralase laser eye surgery? This can correct your vision so you have a wider choice of frames and sunglasses styles.

Big floppy beach hats are cute and stylish, but it's not just about fashion. These gorgeous sun hats actually help protect your skin and hair from nasty UV rays as well as making you the star of the beach. You can give yourself the superstar look by pairing a wide-brimmed hat with over-sized goggles. 

Do you have any beach fashion tips to share?

Friday, 31 May 2013

Friday Feature: Fragments Jewelry

Early on in my personal style journey I discovered that an outfit isn't ever really an outfit without a piece of statement jewelry. A t-shirt and jeans becomes something altogether more interesting with an eye-catching point of interest around your neck, wrist, or adorning your ears. And it doesn't get more statement than these pieces by Elizabeth Cole for Fragments. With carefully paired colour-combinations, chunky chains and stop-and-stare shapes - these pieces aren't shy.

I think if you're making any big fashion investments this summer, it has to be on a character item of jewelry which you'll wear again and again. The bold designs and bright colours of Elizabeth Cole might not be for everybody, so check out the other amazing Fragments designers to find an investment piece that is your style to a T.  

Which designer is your favourite?

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Guest Post: How To Maintain Your Red Hair

Below is a guest post but, as someone who dyes their hair regularly, I really love these tips and I think you will too! 

Image thanks to Derek Gavey

Red hair is the colour of the moment when it comes to the perfect look for your tresses, with the celebrities working anything from auburn tones to deep shades of red in 2013. And it looks as though this trend shows no sign of wearing thin. There is bad news though: it's hard to maintain. Evidence of which can be seen just about everywhere.

So, this is for all those gals (and guys) out there that have dyed their hair red and now have no idea how to look after it.

Wait to wash
I hate not washing my hair. It just makes me feel a bit gross, but by waiting a couple of days after using red hair dye, you'll have luscious red locks for longer. This is because not washing your hair (aside from rinsing and conditioning) between 24 and 48 hours after dying will give your hair a chance to build up its natural oils, giving your hair colour the time it needs ‘to take’ i.e. attach to the hair oils.

Stay fresh with dry shampoo
Because there's no way I could go a few days without washing my hair with nothing to help me feel a bit fresher, I'd strongly recommend investing in a bottle of the dry stuff. If you usually wash your hair every day, it's time for a change. Try washing every other day, or every two days if you can bear it.

Protect from the sun
Did you know that your hair can get damaged by the sun? Yep, it works in the same way as your skin. If you want to maintain that red or auburn hair colour in the summer, you'll need to keep it out of harsh sunlight. There are some UV protection sprays that will keep those locks looking lovely in the sunshine.

Stay away from colour shampoo 
You probably see adverts galore for colour shampoo. There's probably some in your bathroom. Avoid it. The pigments in the shampoo are designed to keep your hair looking great for longer, but they have been known to change the tone when used regularly.

Fix those roots
Home hair dye kits usually last for around 6-8 weeks, but even if you manage to keep that vibrant red for that long, your roots will still start to show. Now let's be honest, roots don't look pretty. I definitely don't understand why they made it into a trend. Anyway, there are a number of hair dye kits designed specifically to just cover regrowth – take advantage!

So, there you have it, some top hair colour ideas on how to maintain red hair. Have you got red hair? How do you maintain the vibrant colour?

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Featured: The Perfect Gift for Your Groom

What can make the most special day of your life even more special? A beautiful gift, of course! While the real gift of marriage is the promise of everlasting love and undying commitment, a physical representation of this certainly won’t go amiss. 

Wedding gifts given between a bride and groom should be meaningful, personal and of course symbolic of their love and commitment. A luxury watch envelops all of these concepts. 

Grooms buying for their new wife have it relatively easy, with a heart-shaped locket or exquisite pair of sparkling earrings making the perfect pre-wedding gift. Men, on the other hand, are generally far more difficult to buy for, but luxury watches are the perfect solution. 

Luxury watches – a traditional gift
In-keeping with a tradition that spans back across the ages, a watch can make the perfect gift from the bride to her groom-to-be. While there are many creative and contemporary gift ideas for a groom, marriage is a sacred institution that has been creating lifelong bonds since the beginning of time; something which a traditional gift is more capable of reflecting. 

Smart and stylish
A handsome watch brings an outfit together to create a classy, stylish ensemble that will not only ensure your husband-to-be looks great but feels good too. With a luxury watch adorning his wrist, your fiancĂ© will look even smarter waiting at the aisle on your wedding day and for the years to come. A stunning gents watch can have a dramatic impact on the way an outfit looks, has the power to turn heads. 

A personal touch 
To make a luxury watch even more special, you could engrave something on the back. Engravings could include your wedding date, both of your initials or perhaps a written vow – maybe even something that is reminiscent of your wedding day? Personal touches like these often make the biggest emotional impact and show you’ve gone the extra mile to get him a gift he loves.

Eternal love
With the proper care and maintenance, a good watch can last a lifetime. With this in mind, it really is the perfect symbol of your love and commitment that will hopefully last a lifetime too. 

Being romantic, stylish and practical, a luxury watch is so many things encompassed in one lavish item that it will surely be cherished as a treasured gift forever. Whatever your choice of material, design or strap – pick something luxurious which matches your husband’s wedding bands and will sit just as proudly on his wrist as the ring sits on his finger. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article.

Friday, 4 January 2013

A Year Full of New: 13 New Things for 2013

New journal. New glasses. New glasses case. 

I love a bit of novelty. It's what fuels my travel bug; keeps me continually interested in learning, and is the reason I've always got a stack of new books to read. At this new, novel time of year, people all around seem to buzz with the potential and possibility which newness inevitably brings. This is wonderful, but I don't believe the first days of January are the only opportunity to bring the excitement of novelty into your life... Continue reading at