Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Let's Meet (and Be Happy) in London!


Happiness is powerful; it opens our eyes to opportunity and our minds to possibility. It is more than simply 'feeling good', such a sense of wellbeing is fundamental - to good relationships with others, resilience in tough times, and getting what we want from life. Yet the rapid pace of modern life leaves us little room to work on our wellbeing. At home there are often distractions, at work there are endless tasks - where do we go for wellbeing?

And I mean wellbeing at it's peak, I don't mean the comfortable contentment of watching a movie or sharing a drink with friends; I mean really thriving.

What if we had a set space and time dedicated purely to harnessing that most precious and self-supporting of emotions: happiness?

Well, now you do: it's called Happy Hideaway. Space to make life better.


Happiness is powerful; it opens our eyes to opportunity and our minds to possibility.

Happy Hideaway is my latest offering to the big wide world; a world I see mostly lacking in that deep, magical sense of wellbeing that propels us along the lumpy bumpy road of life. I wanted to create buzzing workshops and intimate retreats where people could feel free to explore the themes, ideas, and life-altering practices of positive psychology, the science of our happiness. So here you have it, a hub for positive psychology workshops and retreats.

Let's meet in London and talk wellbeing, okay?

My good friends Susanna (of Happyologist fame) and Kristen (strengths extraordinaire) will be joining me at a very special first event, and...

You're invited!

Sunday 23rd February, 2014
Conway Hall, London.
Find out much more and get tickets here.

Whatever you do, don't wait! We have very limited places and our special 'Early Bird' price of £35.00 for these two great workshops in one ends this Friday 31st January. {Drinks, snacks & happy hugs included.}

Keep those New Year's Eve promises to be your best in 2014, and join us for what I know will be a transformative treat of a day! 

Don't forget to join Happy Hideaway on Facebook where we'll keep you updated on upcoming retreats (a week of happiness & sunshine in Barcelona, anyone?) and where maybe, just maybe, we'll announce a special FREE spot at our London workshop... Come and say hello!

Monday, 27 January 2014

How to Create Happiness

"Some pursue happiness - others create it."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

In my mid-teens, as I’m sure almost all of you will empathise with, I was pretty miserable. I value that experience now because it allows me the contrast between my present sense of wellbeing and that less rosy perspective. The most interesting point of that period, for me, was my emergence from the misery, and vitally that this didn’t feel accidental, but rather like a conscious choice... Read More on my Happiness and Wellbeing blog.