I would love to consider working with you / your client / your brand, just as long as I feel it is relevant and worthwhile to my readers. 

Rates for campaigns are available upon request so please contact me: megan[at]charadestyle[dot]com

I very much look forward to hearing from you!

Got a small business or blog?

It's been a long time coming but, due to a few requests of late, I'm now recruiting an exclusive circle of Charade-ettes to advertise their magical money-making endeavours on this ol'lemonade stand!

Whether you've got a beauty blog, etsy boutique or bespoke birdbath company - it's time to let the lovely frequenters of Charade know about your bangin' business!

How much? 

A teeny-tiny £12 (approx. $18) for 30 days! That's a mere £0.40p per day. Blimey, guv'nor, sounds like a ruddy'good deal to me.

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Now, why would you want to do that?

♥ Charade has experienced unprecedented growth in traffic as a result of Make Your Life Amazing 2012 and some of my own advertising that I've been doing (ohhi - visits here are up a whopping 52%! Yowza.

♥ I have a combined following of over 2.5k including RSS, Google Friend Connect, Twitter, Facebook and Bloglovin'. Charade is never over-saturated with ads so you're guaranteed some un-distracted eyes spotting your ad!

♥ Charade gets in excess of 30,000 page views per month. That's a heckofalotof views of your ad.

What do you get for your cash-cash-monies?

Confidence in me giving you the most traffic it is in my power to give! I'll gives'ya a Tweet, Facebook link, and round you up in a monthly Sponsor Salute at the end of every month.

♥ A bright, shiny 150x150px ad on for 30 long days.

♥ A hug. (There may be a view logistical difficulties with this one...)

Interested? Holy-moley-me-oh-my, you sure won't regret it!

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It could not be easier to board the Charade gravy train!

1. Pay using the button above

2. Shoot your ad to (it will need to be 150x150 px, as high quality as possible, and either a .jpeg or a .png file)

3. Feel warm and fuzzy knowing that you've supported this little home-grown blogington, and put a big wide grin on the face of a certain blonde British girl (ahem. me.)

Question? Comment! Love you, gang ♥